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    Hi-Art Press is an independent creative studio producing unique works of art and wearables for everyday living.

    LIKE /hiartpress (Hi-Art Press - Facebook Fan Page) - follow for updates on new designs and watch for give-a-way promotions.

    Hi-Art Press is now a content creator for Merch by Amazon

    Hi-Art Press is excited to be working with Merch by Amazon. These tee-shirt designs by designer and illustrator Travis Tom (TNTOM Design) are available for purchase at Amazon. There are sizes for men, women and kids in a variety of colors. Add a fun graphic tee to your collection. Friends will ask where you got your one of a kind shirt, and you can direct them here. Go to amazon.com and search for Hi-Art Press tee shirts. Look for more designs from TNTOM Design coming soon. What will transpire in 2018?


    You'll want to wear this stylized sea turtle design whether you are at the beach or in the city. A wonderful gift for family and friends.

    BUY Green Sea Turtle | ROWBOT | MOONBOT | French Toast | The Tortoise and The Hare


    Get 'em while they're fresh! A sea life series from TNTOM Design. Catching and eating blue crabs is a favorite childhood memory for the artist.
    Imagine a sign on the docks for Live Blue Crabs, now you can wear it.
    Another version of the tee is based on the scientific classification of the blue crab - a lesson in ecology. Original illustrations and design by Travis Tom.

    Buy Catch of the Day - Blue Crabs NOW | BUY BLUE CRAB - Scientific classification NOW

    Get Lost in the Great Outdoors. Original illustration and design by Travis Tom.

    Buy Lost in the Great Outdoors

    Buy Tee Time | Magnolia grandiflora

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